Showerhead Cleaning and Disinfection

Showerhead Cleaning and Disinfection

Showerheads can potentially be a breeding ground for bacteria such as legionella. Limescale is a nutrient, and under the right conditions can facilitate bacterial contamination and proliferation. In order to comply with ACoP L8 HSE guidelines, showerheads must be cleaned and disinfected regularly (at least every 3 months).

Expert Water Services can clean, descale and disinfect your showerheads using specialist industrial strength chemicals unavailable on the high street. All our work is documented and filed, giving you peace of mind that you are in the safest of hands and fully compliant with current legislation.

We can carry out this work at a time to suit you and your staff/clients, as we realise the importance of causing minimal disruption to your working patterns.

For a free no obligation consultation and informal chat please contact Expert Water Services today.

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